• Arrange a bar- be- que at the terrace/varendda under the open skies…. You can stargaze, and hear only the sounds of nature ….
  • Arrange a bon fire in the lawns
  • Take the dogs for a walk
  • Walk down to the local dam near by and spend good family time with a picnic basket.
  • Baccha Party can enjoy running around, playing with pets, watering the plants enjoy some artificial rain in the sprinklers.end good family time with a picnic basket.
  • Help tending to the pets.
  • Curl up with a nice book and a cup of nice tea...
  • Enjoy indoor games like carom, chess, cards, and other board games
  • General gossip over a few drinks in the evening….while you sit by the large picture windows gazing into nothingness.
  • Spend the day in your hammock.
  • Things to Do While staying at the Cottage, 1) Visit Anandgram - __ kms / __ mins walk, 2) Visit Lavasa, 3) Visit Mulshi Dam.

Kiddies Corner

priligy tabletten Ansfelden The Bacchas can help the Gardner by tending to the flower beds and the kitchen gardens. Pluck fruits if they are ripe. Get all muddy and dirty. The Baccha party ( under supervision) can go for hiking early in the morning or a walk in the village or go to the near by dam and return for a hearty breakfast. Post breakfast, on one day you can plan an excursion to the near by mountain top for some wonderful view of Pune city or visit Anand Gram for some …….. A picnic basket can be arranged and carried from Shantivan to the nearby local dam. Fathers can fish for fresh Water trout (Carry your rods). Kinds can enjoy their time with our pet dogs (Honey and Brownie), cats and our cow – Kapila. Bacchas can also enjoy indoor games like carom, chess, cards, and other board games in the evening In the evening you can sit in the picturesque varenda , enjoy the sunset surrounding the mountains under the stars and we can provide you with a bar-be-que pit all lit up and smouldering. Elders can grill the food of your choice (Chicken tikkas, tandoori chicken, paneer tikkas etc ). Next morning you follow the routine, then you guys can drive up to the Lavasa (_____kms) or Mulshi dam ____kms and enjoy there. In the evening, we can light up a bon fire for you kids to sit along while you wait for your dinner….. By the way in case you have your own doggy you can get him along too… if Honey , Brownie (Our doggis) are there you can meet them to….

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